St. Luke's Episcopal Church

4362 Lafayette Street

Marianna, Florida 32446-2916

Builder: A. David Moore, Inc.

North Pomfret, Vermont

Date: Dedicated November 21, 1982


16 stops, 20 ranks, 1,021 pipes - Compass, Manuals 56 notes CC-g3, Pedal 30 notes CC-f1

This organ is of tracker action, with hand carvings on the front of the case. The casework wood is oiled butternut, and keydesk and bench are of cherry. Keyboards, made by Bryon Cole, are fashioned from white pine taken from collected organ pipes over a century old. The keys are capped with animal bone, and the sharp keys are made of grenadil. The tuning is a well-tempered system after the fashion of Aron-Neidhart.



	8' 		Praestant
	8' 		Bourdon
	4' 		Octave
	2' 		Mixture III
		 	Cymbal II
	2 2/3' 		Sesquialtera II
	8' 		Trumpet



	8' 		Chimney Flute
	4' 		Spire Flute
	2' 		Fifteenth
	1 1/3' 		Larigot
	8' 		Vox Humana



	16' 		Bourdon
	8' 		Flute
	4' 		Octave
	16' 		Posaune



	Swell to Great
	Great to Pedal
	Swell to Pedal