Saint Luke Episcopal Church

1050 Azalea Road

Mobile, Alabama

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Patrick J. Murphy & Associates, Inc., Stowe, PA - 1991
16'Violone61 pipes
8'Principal61 pipes
8'Chimney Flute61 pipes
8'Violone12 pipes Extension of 16' Violone
4'Octave61 pipes
4'Rohr Flute61 pipes
2 2/3'Quint61 pipes
2'Principal24 pipesExtension of 8' Principal
2'Blackflute12 pipes Extension of 4' Rohr Flute
1 3/5'Tierce49 pipesT.C.
IVMixture244 pipes1 1/3'
8'Trumpet61 notesSwell
4'Great to Great
Great Unison Off
16'Swell to Great
8'Swell to Great
4'Swell to Great
16'Lieblich Gedeckt12 pipesExtension of 8' Gedeckt
8'Geigen12 pipesExtension of 4' Geigen
8'Gedeckt61 pipes
8'Viola da Gamba61 pipes
8'Viole Celeste49 pipesT.C.
4'Geigen Octave61 pipes
4'Harmonic Flute61 pipes
2'Flute12 pipesExtension of 4' Harmonic Flute
1 1/3'Larigot24 pipesExtension of 8' Gedeckt
IIIMixture183 pipes2'
16'Contra-Trumpete12 pipesExtension of 8' Trumpete
8'Trumpete61 pipes
4'Clarian12 pipesExtension of 8' Trumpete
32'Resultant32 notesFrom 16' Lieblich Gedeckt
16'Violone32 notesFrom Great
16'Bourdon32 pipes
16'Lieblich Gedeckt32 notesFrom Swell
8'Diapason32 pipes
8'Bourdon12 pipesExtension 16' Bourdon
8'Violone32 notesFrom Great
4'Principal12 pipesExtension 8' Diapason
32'Cornet IV32 notesExtension 16' Trumpete
16'Contra-Trumpete32 notesFrom Swell
8'Trumpete32 notesFrom Swell
8'Great to Pedal
4'Great to Pedal
8'Swell to Pedal
4'Swell to Pedal
Peterson - 4 Levels
Generals1 through 8
Great1 through 8
Swell1 through 8
Pedal1 through 6


M.P. Moller, Opus 8319 built in 1951 for St. Catherine of Sienna R.C. Church in Mt. Penn, Pennsylvania, forms the basis for this installation by Patrick J. Murphy and Associates. St. Luke's obtained information about this instrument through the Organ Clearing House of Harrisville, New Hampshire, and through John Gearhart, who was retained by the church to serve as the liturgical instruments consultant. John was given the directive to find the best instrument for St. Luke's that would be able to meet the wide variety of liturgical needs this parish requires. After consulting with Mr. Murphy, a contact for this organ was signed in January of 1991. The console, windchests, and pipes were rebuilt in the shop of Murphy and Associates the summer and fall of 1991, completing the installation in time for the Christmas Eve Service of that year.

The marriage of carefully chosen pipe work has worked well to provide a beautiful instrument for worship at St. Luke's. As you look at the organ, most of the Moller #8319 organ is housed in the Swell Chamber on the right hand side and is under expression.

The Great organ is exposed and stands in front of the west round window. The large wood pipes on either side of the window are the 16' Violone pipes from the George Hutchings organ #381, made circa 1860. The other pipe work for the great work is new, built by A.R. Schopp's Sons in Alliance, Ohio. The exposed Great and Pedal windchest that this pipe work sits on is entirely new and was constructed in the Patrick J. Murphy facility. The handsome cabinetry that surrounds the Great organ was constructed by Bob Peary, and assisted by his wife Jo, who are parishioners of St. Luke's.

As you look to the left, the Cathedral Chimes are visible, as are vented panels above them in the molding, allowing the sound of the 16' and 8' Bourdon pipes to sound into the room as they are housed in the attic area above, creating a resonating chamber for this particular pedal stop. The console is centered in front of the organ and is from the Moller #8319. It has been re-fitted with new 4 level solid state combination action and switching.